Our Curriculum Offer 

Types and purpose of our curriculum offer:

  • Classroom Based Accredited Learning (CBL). The purpose of this provision is to enhance skills and increase employability.
  • Community Learning (CL). The purpose of this provision is to engage individuals for personal development and enjoyment.  It is learning to build skills, knowledge and understanding.
  • Community Learning Mental Health (CLMH). The purpose of this provision is to develop individuals through learning in order to improve mental health, resilience and wellness.
  • Family Learning (FL). The purpose of this provision is to support families by promoting and developing family learning, positive parenting and increasing parental engagement.
  • High Needs Learning (HNL). The purpose of this provision is to prepare young people with high needs for adult life in the local community and ultimately develop their independence.  This provision is known as Flourish FE.


Our classroom based accredited learning and our community learning courses are grouped in to Curriculum Clusters.  These clusters are described below:


Health Related Skills for Life and Work  

Adult Learning

Our Health Related Skills for Life and Work provision is highly responsive to local and regional demand. Provision is flexible and on-demand courses can be negotiated.  All courses provide excellent opportunities for learner promotion at work, progression onto further learning and/or into employment. For all courses in this cluster email Jackie Croft: jacqueline.croft@knowsley.gov.uk 

  • The Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems continues to support the Government's 'No Health Without Mental Health' strategy and also increases local awareness of mental health conditions.
  • The service also delivers Mental Health First Aid sessions that can lead to a Level 2 qualification.
  • Counselling courses are delivered which can lead to employment in areas of counselling such as: bereavement, drug and alcohol abuse and mental health.
  • To enhance employability opportunities, the service provides a 4 hour Level 2 qualification in Basic Life Support for Adults and Children.
  • We offer a Level 2 course in Raising Awareness of Domestic Abuse for those who are actively working in this field.
  • We also offer accredited courses in Autism, Understanding Learning Disabilities & Disabilities and Well-Being courses to support those wishing to enter employment in these fields.


Essential Skills for Life and Work  

Improve your English

Courses in this cluster meet employers' training needs and provide those who are unemployed with invaluable employability skills.  Courses in this cluster are fundamental in ensuring success in life and work. All programmes in this cluster provide excellent opportunities for learners to gain promotion at work, progression onto further learning and/or into employment.  For all courses in this cluster email Michelle Daly:  michelle.daly@knowsley.gov.uk 

  • Our Functional Skills English and Maths courses develop learners reading, writing, communication and maths skills from Entry Level up to Level 2.
  • Our English, Reading and Maths Support classes help those learners who may need a little more specialist help before undertaking an accredited Functional Skills programme.
  • Our English Language Development courses are available to support anyone whose first language is not English with progression routes available to accredited Functional English provision within the service or accredited ESOL with local FE providers.
  • The service delivers English and Maths GCSEs to support anyone who has not yet achieved a Grade 4/equivalent or for those wishing to improve on their existing grade.
  • Other GCSE programmes are delivered subject to demand and numbers including for example GCSE Psychology or GCSE Science.
  • A large number of Knowsley residents are digitally excluded and the Government's drive to move services to self-serve channels can leave residents who are not computer-literate even more disadvantaged. As such, the Service actively provides residents with opportunities to engage with technology for the first time or improve on their current level of digital literacy. Digital Drop-In sessions are available to support residents with various activities such as job searches, CV writing, accessing and completing Council forms and applications, setting up email accounts and internet security.
  • The service has added new accredited Essential Digital Skills qualifications to its curriculum offer at Entry Level and Level 1.
  • Photography and Photoshop courses develop learners digital creativity skills which can lead to careers in the photographic industry, web design or graphical design. The work produced by our Photography learners is consistently rated as 'outstanding' by the accrediting awarding body (NCFE).
  • FACE offers 1 day Level 2 Qualification in Health and Safety in the Workplace to enhance learner's employment opportunities.
  • We offer Mentoring courses for those who are actively working in this field.
  • Our Education and Training as well as Supporting Teaching & Learning courses are well established and very popular. These courses provide excellent opportunities for people to gain employment in the education. Some learners who completed Education and Training courses are now valued members of our teaching staff.
  • The service offers courses in modern and foreign languages such as French, German and Spanish enabling progression to higher learning. This increases opportunities for employment in front line customer service roles particularly in the visitor economy. The range of language topics covered includes: food/drink, shopping, travel, restaurants, booking into hotels, using the telephone and asking for directions. The service offers a pathway of levels through: 'Welcome To'  'Improve Your' and  'Extend Your'.
  • The service also delivers British Sign Language at Level 1 and progression to Level 2 providing routes and pathways into employment.


Creative Skills for Life and Work  

Arts and Crafts

FACE offers a wide range of Creative Craft courses. The work produced by our Creative Crafts learners is consistently rated as 'outstanding' by the awarding body (NCFE).  Most courses provide progression opportunities from non-accredited Community Learning up to accredited Level 2.  For all courses in this cluster contact email Jackie Croft: jacqueline.croft@knowsley.gov.uk 

  • Arts and Crafts subjects include: Floristry, Flower Arranging, Cake Decorating, Art, Pottery and Ceramics, Crochet, Jewellery Making and Dressmaking/Sewing.
  • For any budding holistic therapist, FACE offers Holistic Therapies courses such as Aromatherapy, Mixed Therapies and Reiki.
  • To enhance employability opportunities, FACE provides a 1 day Level 2 industry recognised qualification in Food Safety in Catering. This is an extremely valuable qualification for those hoping to enter the catering industry.


Going Places 16-18 Study Programme

Knowsley Family And Community Education works in partnership with approved providers to deliver 16-18 Study Programmes. If you would like further information about opportunities available please email Sandra Feerick: sandra.feerick@knowsley.gov.uk

Study Programmes are individually tailored. The offer includes:

  • English and Maths for young people who have not yet achieved a GCSE Grade 4 or equivalent.
  • Work Experience providing young people with an opportunity to develop their career choices and to apply their skills in real working conditions.
  • Academic, applied or vocational qualifications that stretch young people and prepare them for education at the next level or to employment.


Family Learning 

Knowsley FACE offers a range of courses that help parents/carers get more involved in their children's education and healthy development and give them ideas for learning activities they can do with their children. Our parenting courses help parents find out more about positive parenting and the best ways to manage their children's behaviour. Courses are run at schools, Children's Centres and other venues across Knowsley and are free to Knowsley parents/carers.  For more details about Family Learning email Gill Downey: gill.downey@knowsley.gov.uk or access the link for Family Learning on our home page.


Community Learning Mental Health

This provision is called FACE Forward.  For more details about this provision email Alec Horrocks: alex.horrocks@knowsley.gov.uk or access the link for FACE Forward on our home page.


High Needs Learning - Flourish FE  

For more details about Flourish FE email Vicky Bolster: vicky.bolster@knowsley.gov.uk or access the link for Flourish FE on our home page.


Blended Learning

Since Covid-19 the service has been delivering most of its courses remotely.  The service will continue this way of delivering including more face to face contact.  This will be a Blended Learning approach. 

Some people in employment, for those with caring responsibilities or single parents often find it difficult to undertake learning activities on a regular basis, for example, due to non-regular working schedules. Knowsley FACE offers courses that can be delivered using a blended learning model. Blended learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. Tutorial support is provided via a virtual learning environment (such as Zoom, Teams, Edmodo, Kahoots), by telephone, through email or other electronic means. There will be occasional classroom face-to-face meetings with tutors to monitor learning progress, provide feedback and offer in-class support and guidance.