Next Steps in Holistic Therapies

Community Learning

This course will offer learners the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques in holistic therapies and to apply these to imptove their own health and wellbeing. Throughout the course you will advance your knowledge on how to perform lyphatic drainage throughout the body, participate in a number of health and wellbeing routines to aid sleep and relaxation and also to develop your mediation and self care techniques.

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Total Guided Learning Hours

12 hours

Hours per week

2 hours

Total number of Sessions



Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees £30

Awarding Body and/or Examination Costs if applicable



What study is needed at home?

No home study is required for this course but some of the learning can be continued at home to help improve own health and wellbeing.

Previous Learning

Learners on this course may have completed the introduction to Holistic Therapies.

Main Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you should be able to:

Demonstrate a range of complementary therapies

Perform a lymphatic drainage reflexology sequence

Create a lavender eye mask to use in guided medidation

Create own hand charts of areas for reflexology and perform treatment on self or others

Use relaxation techniques to help breathing and relaxation

Use relaxation techniques to help breathing and relaxation

Progression to further learning with FACE

Learners can progress onto accredited courses in Holistic Therapies.