Flourish FE

Flourish FE offers an individualised sensory curriculum for students with High Needs as part of Preparation for Adulthood

The provision is for young adults aged 19+ with very high and/or complex needs combined with challenging behaviours.

The curriculum is based around Preparation for Adulthood and provides education which combines academic and vocational content with sensory input, therapies, practical life skills and support to develop communication, self regulatory behaviour strategies, self advocacy and independence skills wherever possible .

All the information about Flourish can be found by visiting the Natspec website

The current curriculum timetable consists of approximately 60% community based activities.

Sessions and activities planned at Flourish incorporate academic and vocational teaching and also address the various sensory needs of our learners.

This ensures our learners have access to multiple opportunities to learn how to become more independent as well as supporting them to regulate behaviours and thus building self-esteem and confidence.

At the moment our curriculum consists of the following. Arts/Crafts, Horticulture, Sensory Circuits, Health Wellbeing and Exercise ( inc swimming) Music, Maths & English, Practical and Personal Life Skills, Community Access, Nature & Environment and Sensory Celebrations.

We further support the delivery of this curriculum for individual students who have additional input from health, therapies and social care.