Fees and

Unless a class is closed by the service due to insufficient learner numbers, course costs are non-refundable and payable within the first 3 weeks.

However, we are keen to support any learner who needs to make alternative arrangements for paying fees; to discuss this further, contact Ange Powell, Business, Quality & Performance Manager;

0151 443 5386 or ange.powell@knowsley.gov.uk

Failure to pay your tuition fees may result in your exclusion from the course and any outstanding course fees will be handed over to KMBC Finance Team for collection.

  • Exam fees/Registration fees, where payable, must be paid prior to learner registration with an awarding body. The service reserves the right to reclaim any exam fees/registration costs incurred by the service from learners who fail to attend pre-arranged examinations or who fail to submit their course portfolio for assessment regardless of any subsidy entitlement.
  • Tuition and exam costs for Functional Skills (Literacy, Numeracy and ICT) courses are FREE. Some learners may be entitled to free tuition and exam costs for GCSE Maths and GCSE English subject to eligibility – please enquire.
  • Tuition and exam costs for learners aged 16-18 enrolling on accredited courses are FREE (this does not include resits).

For further information on fees, contact a member of the FACE team

 You can call any of the following numbers:
0151 443 5386     |     0151 443 5385     |     0151 443 5398     |     0151 443 5388     |     0151 443 2067

In addition to some examination costs there may also be a certification or accreditation cost if you are undertaking an approved accredited course. Examination and certification costs vary from year to year and are very often subject to change. These fees are set by the Examination or Awarding Body.

You will be informed of all fees payable and how you can pay these fees when you enrol. You will also be informed of any financial assistance you may be entitled to. If you are in receipt of any income based, means-tested benefits AND are undertaking an approved accredited programme, you may be eligible for financial assistance.

If you are undertaking a Community Learning course there may be a charge for course materials. Your tutor will inform you of these.