Three Levels:

Spanish – Welcome To
Spanish – Improve Your
Spanish – Extend Your

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This 8-week course will foster a thorough understanding of the Spanish case system, expand learners’ Spanish vocabulary and equip them to cope in a variety of practical situations.


Total Guided Learning Hours

16 hours

Hours per week

2 hours

Total number of Sessions



Tuition Fees

£30 if concessions apply

Awarding Body and/or Examination Costs if applicable



What study is needed at home?

Additional home study is required to complete this course

Previous Learning

No Previous learning required

Main Learning Objectives

To increase personal competence and self-confidence via regular attendance and independent study.

To provide a safeguarded, positive, non-threatening learning environment.

To use a range of diverse teaching methods and learning materials.

To continue to raise cultural awareness, acknowledging and tolerating differences.

To provide support throughout the course, enabling every individual to progress independently.

To enable learners to reach their full potential and achieve their individual learning goals.

To speak in the target language using individual words and short phrases.

To listen to the target language understanding how different sounds are put together and identifying individual words and short phrases.

To read individual words and short phrases in the target language.

To write individual words and short phrases in the target language.

Progression to further learning with FACE

There are three levels available to learners;

  1. Welcome to Spanish
  2. Improve Your Spanish
  3. Extend Your Spanish

Learners who achieve a Spanish course could progress onto a the next level.

Progression to other Providers

Learners may wish to progress to a Level 2/GCSE qualification at Liverpool City College or another FE institution.