Introduction to Flourish by Vicky Bolster – Section Leader for High Needs (Head of Flourish FE)

I hope you enjoy reading and finding out a little more about what we offer at Flourish. Our overarching aim is the development and progression of your son or daughter, supporting and teaching them to successfully achieve their personal outcomes and aspirations. We will positively challenge them, and always have the highest expectations of our learners. My team of experienced teachers and support workers may at times have to take them beyond their comfort zones and try new things in order to develop and achieve their potential; but this is done with support, care, motivation and the best interests of every individual coming first. We only push, build and challenge our learners when we know they are fully prepared, ready and able to successfully meet the challenges.

Our ultimate objective is that these wonderful young people have meaningful and happy adult lives, where they can make their own choices and participate with confidence in a community which also supports and understands their needs.

This is the reason Flourish FE was established, it was recognised as extremely important that young people with such high needs remain in the community in which they will ultimately be living their adult lives. Being educated out of borough learning new skills in a different town or city – and then having to transition back into their own communities at the end of their education creates many difficulties.  By learning and living, creating partnerships and developing links along the way within the local community, ensures everything the learners experience and achieve is transferable relevant and meaningful. This makes for a much smoother and simpler transition when they eventually leave Flourish FE.

My team and I very much look forward to welcoming new learners into Flourish FE each year, and supporting them on their journey into adulthood.

If you have anything you would like to ask about please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Warmest regards

Vicky Bolster


All the information about Flourish can be found by visiting the Natspec site (click image)


If you would like any further information regarding Flourish please either call 0151 443 2004 or email  

Flourish provision is part of the Knowsley Local Offer (SEND).  For more information please visit: