16-19 STUDY SUPPORT PROGRAMME Sub-contracting Strategy


This policy statement sets out how the service (Knowsley FACE) applies funding to all sub-contracted activity supported with funding from the ESFA.

Overview of Sub-contracting Strategy

The service will work with Partner providers who:

  • can offer curriculum opportunities that the service does not have the capacity to deliver
  • have the ability to engage specific target groups; working with learners with disadvantage postcodes and young people with multiple disadvantage, potential NEET young people

Subcontracting priorities for 2020/2021

The service will work with approved partners who:

  • Provide strategic opportunities to deliver 16-19 Study Support programmes
  • Will deliver high quality provision
  • Will support the service to meet local priorities identified within the ‘Knowsley Together’ strategic frame-work.
  • Will support and underpin the skills needed for economic recovery in response to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic.

Assessing subcontracting opportunities

  • Partner organisation will be subject to due diligence prior to contract approval
  • Partner organisation must be on the ROTO if approved contract exceeds £100k
  • Partner organisation must comply with the service and ESFA regulations
  • Partner organisation must meet the minimum standards set by the service
  • Partner organisation must demonstrate a minimum of 95% success rate

Fees and Payments

  • 10% managements costs will be applied to cover monitoring, quality assurance and direct support
  • 12% will be retained to meet provider obligations in respect of compliance and performance including submission of a Self- Assessment report on programme completion.
  • Payment will be allocated on a monthly basis following validation of engagement/attendance
  • Payment terms are 30 days from invoice date

Service Support

Partner organisation will be subject to quality checks. The service will endeavour to provide support and guidance to enhance development to ensure that the provider obligations are met, this will include:

  • Scheduled quality assurance visits to complete delivery assessment reports
  • Unannounced visits to review process and progress
  • Observation of Teaching, Learning and Assessment visits to review quality of teaching and learning.
  • Review and tracking predicted achievement rates
  • Partner organisation staff will be eligible to access training opportunities/information sharing provided by the service.

Communication of Policy

The service 16-19 Study Support Sub-contracting lead will share the sub-contracting policy with partner organisation prior to the start of the academic year.

August 2020 Policy Review: August 2021