A Learner’s Guide to Remote/Blended Learning

Blended remote learning can be very different from sitting in a classroom. However, there are some ways you can still learn effectively and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Although blended remote learning delivery offers a lot of flexibility, it’s important that you have the right working space, mind frame and routine in place.

You should view online/blended remote learning in the same way as classroom-based learning. You should:

  • maintain regular attendance and participate in all planned online lectures and tutorials
  • keep in regular contact with your FACE tutor
  • complete all assignments etc. on time
  • respond to any communications from Knowsley FACE
  • report any concerns you may have immediately to either your tutor or Knowsley FACE

1. Establish a learning routine

As well as waking up on time and participating in online lectures etc. it’s also important to:

  • schedule time to go over your lecture notes
  • take some form of exercise and continue to enjoy your hobbies and interests

Writing down tasks first thing in the morning will allow you to set your intentions for the day and feel motivated to fulfil them. You should write down every task, big and small, that you want to complete and highlight your main priorities for the day.

2. Stay in contact with your tutor and classmates

The same online tools (Edmodo, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.) being used by your tutor to deliver your classes can also be a great way to keep in contact with tutors and classmates. Maintain your level of engagement by asking questions during lectures, discuss topics in forums with others in your class and reach out to others via email. Although your tutor can’t be there physically with you, your education is still their priority and they’re there to help.

3. Be kind to yourself and practice mindfulness

Set aside some time each day for relaxation and meditation. It could be as little as five minutes or as much as an hour. Meditation will help to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as helping you relax.

You can download mindfulness apps such as Calm or Headspace.

4. Create an effective working environment

 Making a space dedicated to just studying will help you to concentrate better. To create a productive workspace make sure the objects around you are only those that relate to studying. You need to ensure your space is free of clutter and don’t use your bed as a place to study as this is your place of rest. If you don’t have a desk use a nightstand, a shelf or sit on the floor. It’s also best for you to work by a window for some natural light. Ensure your face is visible at all times during sessions and try to find a quiet location in the home to participate, where possible use pre-set backdrops that do not allow parts of your home to be visible.

5. Prepare for study

It’s important for you to get out of your night clothes and have a healthy breakfast. It’s essential that you get up and prepare for the day, just as if you were heading out to your class. Wearing something other than your pyjamas will make you feel ready to take on any tasks you have. As they say, look good, feel good.

6. Schedule your lunch break

It’s extremely important to take your lunch break. This will give you a much needed energy boost and also a break from your tasks. Avoid making things from scratch as this will take up a lot of time. Just make something quick and healthy.

7. Cancel out distractions

Don’t get distracted. The easiest way to achieve focus and productivity is to distance yourself from things that might cause a distraction. Put your phone in another room, in a drawer or switch it to ‘Airplane mode’.

Another way is to download ‘Cold Turkey’ on your laptop or phone, to prevent yourself from logging into social media while you’re studying. The app lets you temporarily freeze pages you know you might compulsively visit when studying.

8. Online lectures and tutorials

Online lectures are just your normal lectures and content delivered in a different way. Listen to them as you would a normal lecture and if watching a recording, try to watch these at normal speed. Hitting the pause button too often may allow you to get distracted easily. Your priority should be understanding the material more than anything else.

Also, if you are watching recorded lectures, watch them at a time when you’ll be able to give them your full attention. For some this may be first thing in the morning, for others this may be in the evening.

9. Recording or pictures

Under no circumstances should screenshots be taken of any group learning or individual sessions or for these to be shared in any form unless explicit permission to share is obtained from all those participating.

Recordings of group or individual sessions cannot be made.

Be aware that some applications keep records of chats during sessions.

10. 1-2-1 Sessions

 Under no circumstances will 1-2-1 sessions take place with any learners under the age of 18.

11. Get over a slump in energy and enthusiasm

Channeling your energy elsewhere can help you get over the dip in energy. If you feel restless and unfocused as the day goes on do something completely different for half an hour. When you sit back down, you’ll have a clearer mind and be ready to focus for another few hours.

12. Plan in other activities

It’s extremely important to plan other activities at the end of the day that will help you take your mind off studying, rest and recharge. Watch a movie, call friends and family or just have a relaxing bath.

13. Confirm your Enrolment on your Blended Remote Learning Course

Read through and return your Electronic Signature Email to confirm your enrolment onto your course. Return the email promptly with the response ‘YES’ to confirm acceptance of the enrolment criteria, Learner Agreement and Privacy Notice, stating your preferences for any options as specified in the email.

14. Emergency Contact Details

Provide us with an emergency contact name and telephone number to cover any such eventuality during a blended remote learning session.

Please Note: Apps suggested may require a subscription fee