FLOURISH – Use of Mobile Phones/Technology Policy

This policy is specific to the provision known as Flourish and has been created to be additional to and NOT in place of existing Knowsley IT and smartphone usage and social media policies and protocols.

  • Council-wide Information Technology Security Policy
  • Smartphone user agreement
  • Knowsley Council Social Media Protocol: May 2019


This policy applies to:

  1. All permanent and temporary employees and any other third parties/visitors/parents using equipment provided by Knowsley Borough Council and/or their own personal mobile digital technologies
  2. The term “phone” or “technology” denotes all forms of mobile devices within Flourish including, but not limited to all mobile phones including non-internet connected devices, all tablets including Wi-Fi and sim-connected devices, as well as wearable technology such as smartwatches.
  3. Flourish recognises that mobile phones, cameras and digital devices are now an integral part of our culture and can be of considerable value, particularly in relation to personal safety.

Use of Personal Mobile Phones / Technology

Flourish recognises that personal mobile phones have the potential to be used inappropriately. Personal mobile phones should never be used to take photographs or videos of students.

Personal mobile phones should not generally be needed or used by staff, except as set out in the guidelines below.

  • Should staff need to use their mobile phone, best practice is that mobile phones, should not be used in the presence of the students.
  • Staff should leave their personal mobile phones in a staff room etc away from students unless the manager has been informed there is a need to keep their phone with them. Where this is needed phones should be kept on silent or at the most vibrate.
  • Mobile phones should not be used during lesson times either to make or receive calls, unless there is an emergency. Staff should ensure they are ok to leave the room and do so before answering the / making the call.
  • Staff should NEVER give their personal mobile phone number to parents or use their personal mobile phone to contact parents.
  • No photographs, videos or images of students should be captured using a personal mobile phone in any setting.

Use of Work Mobile Phones/ Technology

  • Flourish recognises that there are potential risks which could trigger learner behaviours in the use of and mobile technologies where students are present. These need to be managed appropriately when using and mobile technology.
  • It is good practice to record and evidence learning, pictorially and on videos in settings such as Flourish where other evidence such as written work and completed physical projects of items is not always possible. This should only be done on Knowsley Council mobile phones and technologies
  • It is good practice in Flourish for staff to keep their work mobile phones in a secure place away from the students. These can be kept either on their person or somewhere within reach for the teacher in the classroom for evidence gathering purposes.
  • Staff are required to carry work mobile phones for all off site trips visits and community ventures, should there be an emergency and/or staff need to contact Flourish and/or parents. All staff work mobile numbers are to be written on every trip/visit form authorised by a senior team member before the staff leave the premises.

Policy Compliance

If any user is found to have breached this policy, they may be subject to an investigation under Knowsley MBC’s disciplinary procedure.  If a criminal offence is considered to have been committed further action may be taken to assist in the prosecution of the offender(s).

If you do not understand the implications of this policy or how it may apply to you, seek advice from your line manager.

Date Policy Reviewed: 1st November 2020

Date Policy to be Renewed: 31st July 2021

Policy Reviewed By: Vicky Bolster