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Family Learning creates opportunities for family members to engage in learning together and to provide support and encouragement for each other’s learning, thereby enhancing their collective and individual aspirations and achievements. 

Programmes are delivered in schools, Centres for Learning, Children's Centres and various community venues across Knowsley.

Family Learning in Knowsley covers a broad spectrum of formal and informal activities and programmes, all of which would include one or more of the key elements illustrated below.


Family Learning -    look to the futureJoint Learning

Parents' / carers’ support for and involvement in children’s learning.

Childrens' Learning

Additional opportunity to support childrens learning.

Parents' / Carers' Learning

An opportunity for parents/carers to develop their own learning .



Knowsley Family Learning – Overview of current programmes

Active Dads

Providing encouragement and support to men to help them get actively and positively engaged in parenting. 


Early Literacy for Families supports parents/carers to carry out structured literacy activities at home with their Reception age children. It includes structured phonics, alphabet knowledge and handwriting activities as well as ‘enrichment activities’ for parents to share with their children, to help them develop an enthusiasm for reading and writing.

Every Parent Matters

Support for parents/carers of young children to help them use positive parenting strategies in the home.

Families Learning Active Play (FLAP)

‘Families Learning Active Play’ courses are run in school nursery settings. Parents/carers learn more about the benefits to their children of being physically active and use resources and ideas to do active play activities with their children at home.

Family Cookery

A course which focuses on healthy cooking and healthy diet and which provides opportunities for parents/carers and nursery to KS3 children to prepare and cook simple recipes together.

Family Fun

A home activities programme that was developed by the Family Learning Team for parents/carers of 3 – 5 year old children and is currently led by the Foundation Stage Parent Support Workers.

Family Literacy

Additional literacy support for Reception and Y1 children, including sessions where parents work with their children and sessions to support parents’/carers’ own literacy skills, through which they can gain qualifications via the national literacy tests.

Family Numeracy

Additional numeracy support for Reception and Y1 children, including sessions where parents work with their children and sessions to support parents’/carers’ own numeracy skills, through which they can gain qualifications via the national numeracy tests.

Healthy Share

A 'Share' course (see below) with a specific focus on healthy and safe lifestyles for parents/carers and their children.

Healthy Start / Healthy Future

A family learning programme for young parents focussed on parenting and healthy lifestyles.

Impact Maths

A home-learning maths programme where, each week, children take home a practical maths game / activity and the resources to carry it out. Their parents / carers do the activity with them, following the instructions on the activity sheet. They fill in a simple diary when they return the activities to the school.


Parents/carers are invited into their children’s class on one session during the school day each school year. They take part in activities with their child which usually involve a practical or arts/craft element and which parents/carers and children can share together.

Ready for School

A course run at Children’s Centres for parents/carers of Nursery children. The course includes sessions for parents to help support their child’s education/development and sessions to support their literacy skills, through which they can gain qualifications via the national literacy tests.


A series of workshops for parents/carers to plan a wide range of fun home learning activities to carry out with their children. Parents/carers are able to gain National Open College Network accreditation through Share.

Stay and Play

Workshops which introduce parents/carers to the Foundation Stage and allow them to spend quality time with their children in Foundation Stage settings.


A course which enables parents/carers to explore imaginative ways of encouraging reading and sharing books with children and gives them opportunities to design and make creative resources for storytelling.

If you would like any additional information about any of these programmes, please contact the Family Learning Team below: -

  • The Parent Support Worker (Foundation Stage) team, based at Southmead Children’s Centre, Whiston, are:

Ann Curley
Karen Humphreys
Ann Jenkins
Mandy Odger
Vicky Powell

  •   Telephone: 0151 443 4565/66.

  • The Parent Support Worker (KS1+) team, based at Whiston Willis Primary School, are:

Kerry Brady             07825 117485
Sharon Fitzgerald    07825 117499
Sharon Lee              07825 117504
Anmaria Miller          07825 117500
Sandra Nightingale  07825 117498

  • Pam Brown, based in Westvale Primary School, contact for the following programmes:

Family Literacy
Family Numeracy
Impact Maths
Ready for School
Stay and Play

  •   Telephone: 0151 443 4501. 

For further information and contact details about the Family Learning Schools please visit the following page on the official website - School details.


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